Postel Center



  • Joe Touch, founding Director, steps down after 17 years of service, including the design of the Postel Center logo, organization of email services, and development of the lab resources and this website. He will continue to manage the currently active e-mail lists, and can be reached at



  • Dr. Bradley Fidler joins the Postel Center as a Visiting Research Scholar to explore ISI's role in the development of the Internet.


  • Another major revision of the Postel Center website.


  • Wayne Quadros and Shreya Chowdhary join the Postel Center as student researchers, helping to develop proposed extensions to TCP and UDP protocols.


  • Kevin Jiang and Luke Wang join the Postel Center as student researchers to to explore the impact of proposed extensions to TCP and UDP on existing Internet infrastructure.


  • Harry Trieu joins the Postel Center as a student researcher to explore the potential of extensions to TCP and UDP.


  • John Selby, lecturer of Internet Law in the Department of Business Law at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, joins the Postel Center as a Vistiing Scholar to explore issues Internet policy and governance.


  • ARPANET sourcebook published, providing access to the "Unpublished foundations of the Internet", with the assistance of the Postel Center.



  • Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan joins the Postel Center as Visiting Scholar to study the Postel Archives at USC and investigate Internet History. See the USC/ISI press release here.


24-June-2003 ISI Marks 20th Anniversary of Domain Name System

  • A group of computer scientists gathered June 23 to mark the 20th anniversary of the now universally-used Domain Name System (DNS), which was invented at USC's Information Sciences Institute and first tested on that date in 1983.

31-Mar-2003 ISI Names Dr. Paul Mockapetris Visiting Scholar

  • Internet pioneer Paul Mockapetris, chief scientist of IP address infrastructure software provider Nominum, has been appointed Visiting Scholar by the Postel Center, Postel Center Director Joseph D. Touch announced March 31. See the USC/ISI press release here.

8-Aug-2002 Best Paper Award

  • Postel Center is pleased to announce that Postel Center Graduate Fellow Venkata Pingali co-authored paper titled Computation Regrouping: Restructuring Programs for Temporal Locality has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award (Selected by the Program Committee) at the 16th Annual ACM International Conference of Supercomputing (2002) at NewYork, June 22-26.

16-May-2001 Postel Center Advisory Board Formed

  • Postel Center is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board and its first member, David J. Farber of the University of Pennsylvania, Jon Postel's Ph.D. advisor.

15-May-2001 First Postel Center Graduate Fellow Named

  • Postel Center is pleased to announce Venkata Pingali as its first Graduate Fellow.

23-Jan-2001 End2end-Interest Email list Moves to postel.or

  • The IRTF's End-to-End Interest research group's mailing list moves from to The list is now managed as a service of the Postel Center.

23-Jan-2001 Major Revision of the Webpage

  • Updated logo and web pages are unveiled.

30-Nov-2000 Postel Center Announces First Director (press release)

  • Joe Touch is named as the center's first director.

24-April-2000 Postel Center Opening Ceremony

  • ISI and visiting dignitaries celebrate the opening of Postel Center with a day-long seminar.

14-April-2000 Postel Center Creation Announcement

  • ISI announces the creation of Postel Center.