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Jon's Stuff

A painting donated to ISI.

Los Nettos award, Internet Society's "Postel Award"

Internet Plumber of the Year

Jon's Dissertation

Jon planted this tree at Russ Hobby's ranch a couple of years before he passed away (1996). Afterwards, Lois Postel placed some of Jon's ashes into this tree, and the tree has been very happy ever since - Joyce Reynolds

Celebrating DNS's 20th Anniversary -June 24, 2003

Wei Ye, Runfang Zhou, Christos Papadopoulos, Walt Prue, Ted Faber (he's OK, by the way), Lars Eggert, and Joe Touch (Postel Center Director)

Ron Ohlander, Paul Rosenbloom, and Greg Finn.

Runfang Zhou and Wei Ye

Venkata Pingali (Postel Center Graduate Research Fellow) and Yu-Shun Wang

Corks from the champagne. Primary (left) and secondary (right).