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Rbridge mailing list (replaced by TRILL mailing list)

An rbridge is a hybrid router/bridge designed to provide bridge-like layer-2 connectivity with better layer-2 forwarding than current spanning tree bridges. This list provides a venue for discussing and developing the rbridge. The concept is outlined in the following papers:

Perlman, Radia, "Rbridges: Transparent Routing," Proc. Infocom 2004, Mar. 2004. Click here for a cached copy of the PDF.

Slides from Radia's talk are available in PowerPoint and PDF.

Perlman, Radia, Eastlake, Donald, "Introduction to Trill", Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 14, Issue 3, Sept. 2011.

Eastlake, Donald, "Trill Tutorial", 2014.

IETF Efforts:

Current documents, including RFCs, WG IDs, and Individual IDs, can be found here:

See also the TRILL WG web pages:

Additional information:

The rbridge can be described as a layer-2 network within a virtual router, and as such is an instance of a recursive virtual router described in the Virtual Internet Architecture:

J. Touch, Y. Wang, L. Eggert, G. Finn, "Virtual Internet Architecture," Future Developments of Network Architectures (FDNA) at Sigcomm, August 2003. Available as ISI-TR-2003-570.

Fred Templin's Templin-IPVLX is a system using ipv6 for addressing and ipv4 for encapsulation over rbridge-like devices; it discusses a number of related issues as a result.

Internet Draft on Templin-ipvlx (and errata)

D. Eastlake Oct. 2010 NANOG presentation.

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